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We are Ohio’s Oldest Skydiving School!

Don’t be fooled by other skydiving companies in Ohio.  Skydive Greene County in Xenia, Ohio (info@skydiveohio.com) is the one and only original in Ohio.

Some other companies are using various web sites.  Don’t be fooled by the other companies infringing on our skydive Ohio, skydiving in Ohio.  We are in XENIA OHIO since 1961.

We do not have a 1-800 phone #.  Our number is 937-372-0700.  Our address is not located anywhere else except 177 S Monroe Siding Rd.

BE CAREFUL if you are looking for Skydive Greene County or skydiving in Ohio.  We are the ORIGINAL.  And always ignore the paid ads.  THOSE ADS ARE NOT SKYDIVE Greene County !


Come out and let us teach you how to skydive today! We are located in Xenia, Ohio just outside of the greater Dayton-Miami Valley area and is within a reasonable driving distance of major metropolitan areas including Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Richmond, Indianapolis, and Indiana.

Situated on a private airport, Skydive Greene County offers a large landing area, a covered hanger for packing, rigging services, and great staff.

For our main airships, we have two Twin Turbine Westwinds that carry 12 skydivers to jump altitude. We also have two Cessna 182’s as backup to our Westwinds.

If this is your first time skydiving, come out and meet our experienced staff. Our skydiving school first requires Tandem skydiving where, under the direct supervision of a licensed instructor, you will fly to a jump altitude of 11,500 feet (depending on the aircraft), experience the exhilaration of freefall, and then the amazing flight under parachute back to earth all for only $165.00.

Your Tandem skydive is the initial step to becoming a licensed skydiver. The next step in your progression is our proven Static Line Course that will teach you everything you need to know about the sport of skydiving from exiting an aircraft, steering the canopy, and landing. To read more about out teaching methods, click here. We train beginners from the ground up and then continue to teach them throughout their skydiving careers, with the ultimate goal of becoming a national champion.

For over 50 years we have been teaching skydivers and providing the skydiving community with continued education. We didn’t start skydiving but we are Ohio’s longest running and most reputable Drop Zone which opened in 1961!


S.G.C. is a complete skydive training school that will teach you all aspects of the sport. You will receive world-class training and practice jumps to become a National competitor!

Come learn with the best and make a skydive today!




Static Line student makes a perfect landing on a nice November day.