Tandem Jump Only

Group rates: Per person
$155 – groups of 6 -11
$150 – groups of 12-15
$145 – groups of 16-20
$140 – groups of 21 or more

Skydive Video and Photos**:  Per person
$95.00 – your choice of either a DVD or photos*
$125.00 – DVD with photos



$175.00 –  S/L Program 1st jump with Training Program (4,000 ft AGL)
$85.00 per/jump – S/L Program jumps 2-7
$95.00 per/jump – S/L Program jumps 8-9
$105.00 per/jump – S/L Program jumps 10-11
$120.00 per/jump – S/L Program jumps 12-13
$27.00 per/jump – S/L Program jumps 14-25 ( +1 gear rental for the day)

Estimated total cost of the Static Line Program and receive your A License $1920.00 (includes Tandem and packing class)

$30.00 – Packing Lesson

(click here for a detailed .pdf of our Static Line Course)

$70.00 – Coached Jump (gear rental extra)

$35.00 – Gear rental (daily rate + final pack job)

$40.00 – Student Refresher Course

$30.00 – Packing Class

$60.00 – Reserve Repack Pricing


Westwind Full altitude:
$24.00 – 12,500 ft/club price

Cessna 182 Pricing:
$20.00 – 9,000 ft
$18.00 – 5,500 ft


Please call in advance to book your skydive. If you can not make your scheduled jump time please call and let us know.

* All student jump prices include all gear rental needed including altimeter, helmet, goggles, parachute and jumpsuit.

Add $35 per whole day if you pack for yourself, AFTER YOUR PACKING CLASS. You MUST leave the rig unpacked after your last jump of the day for a rigger to do the last pack!

NOTE: It is not possible to get group pictures or video in freefall.

**About DVD and Photos: Our DVD’s are recorded in -R format, which is compatible with computers. If your DVD does not play on your computer, you may return it to us for a new copy in exchange within 14 days. All DVD purchases are non-refundable. Photos will be taken by digital cameras. Photos are given on a photo CD.